Replica Celine Phantom Square Bag

I think smiley Tote, I think Classic Box, I think Celine bring a huge change in the fashion industry. Previous Number 10 years, chances are you like most people, little is known of Celine, but since the position in 2008 Phoebe Philo,  Replica Celine Handbags embarked on a trendsetting road, just 7 years, with a unique style of Celine by perfect French style and high fashion combine to attract a large group of loyal fans. Even people who love to buy bags can not help but buy a big Celine sweater; even if only to buy Hermes and Chanel ladies can not help but buy a stylish smiley Tote. No hype, no large-scale promotion, it seems that Celine’s success against an inspiration, an enthusiasm and a stylish heart.


How much I love Celine we all know, today a good summary summary, Replica Celine Phantom Square Bag Apple Yellow Leather and we talk together, bring to nine the impact so far Celine fashion. (In fact, Mr. Bag is the most understand bags, coupled with the impact of Celine bag industry is very large, so 9 there are about seven bags)

Replica Celine Luggage Smile Tote handbags: not just a fashionable It bag, Celine now chief designer Phoebe Philo, is justifiably “it bag” mother, she has designed a popular history of the fastest speeds on the two most violent bag , one of which is the smiley Tote. Before smiley Tote appeared for some time, many experts have said the fashion industry, It bag era is over, there will be no explosion of red in a Tote can be a short time, we have to sell a good buy, but where You can not buy.


Who knows in 2009, smiley Tote turned out, the fire from the fashion circle to circle the star, and then the fire quickly to the households … the moment, Replica Celine handbags from a lot of people do not know the brand became the most fire brand, usually do not chase fashion, even people who would like to start this bag … smiley Tote soon buy everywhere, followed by a long waiting list … help Celine smiley Tote into the public eye in many people are beginning to recognize this bag from Celine fall in love.

Queen B Queen S and memorized large smiley Tote, which is the first quarter out of the smiley Tote, and now this size has not produced a lot of people ask me, smiley Tote is not out of date it? In fact, you do not know the status of smiley Tote. Smiley Tote is extremely small, and I will bring the most classic Chanel and Hermes 255 most prestigious platinum Tote put together the Tote shall be compared. This Tote is rolled out when countless fashion, after several variants, like the Nano and Mini models grimace Tote Phantom affect full force, and most importantly, this Tote is not just a darling of the trend, but also won the public’s favorite.


Rich like. American ladies wear may be stylish, but buy a Tote almost only buy several brands, in general is the most expensive Hermes, Goyard, Chanel, Louis Vuitton these, these bags are sometimes not so much nice accessories, as it is a symbol of status and wealth. Few of the Tote can be fashionable lady in popular circles, Replica Celine smiley Tote Handbags has successfully into the wealthy, now you go to Beverly Hills shopping or eating, will still see a lot of faces stiff middle-aged women who took their smiley Tote. Paris Hilton’s aunt Kyle Richards and Kim Karda shian’s mother Kris Jenner are holding smiley Tote. Not rich people love. We all know that the newly recruited staff of the small white-collar workers want most what bag? Usually Louis Vuitton or Chanel, designer bags to them in terms of a dream. They will save money little by little, as these hard-earned money, so they will choose the most influential of the Tote to buy. Smiley Tote will undoubtedly also in this “dream bag” in the ranks.

You ask smiley Tote can go far? I said, can go very far, do not leave as long as Phoebe Celine, as long as Kendall still so in love with her back to the little Nano, as long as the ladies are willing to take their smiley Tote out to the streets, as long as the smiley Tote is the dream of many, the road to this Tote is still very long.


Celine Nano launch of the first color is the green, when newly hatched queen smiley Tote just fire, Mini models better price, quickly sold out …

Replica Celine handbags is not the first to launch a mini-Tote design brand, but to promote the launch of Celine Nano mini-Tote become a trend, after that more big brand launched the mini-Tote design classic. Nano launch, just the Western world are also experiencing the consequences of the financial crisis, consumers buy a Tote of budget smaller, just mini-Tote unit price is relatively cheap, with such a price can still buy a classic design, the mini-Tote become a big trend. Compared to many small mini-packs and totally practical, at that time a mini-Tote models of each brand is quite able to hold things.
Kendall liked Celine nano, her street shooting almost half of all of this Tote, solid color, mixed colors have Mini Tote is also more suitable for young people, even the more mature design of the Tote, after a miniaturized becomes more lovely, Celine Nano in a very long time, until today, the United States are rich people’s standard of little girl .

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