Gucci GG Marmont 2.0 Medium Quilted Shoulder Bag Black

Since Alessandro Michele became Gucci’s creative director, as if given a new life Gucci, his mind a variety of ideas are added to the design to Replica Gucci Handbags. This is also retro and girls and exaggerated Gucci art, whether it is clothing, footwear or bags, are sold all the way out of stock. At least in the bag community, Gucci has launched a lot of models all the way to burst bag red paragraph, but this process has not stopped the slightest meaning.

Replica Gucci Bags GG Marmont 2.0 Medium Quilted Shoulder Bag Black Dionysus replica bag tote is the beginning of the most fire is the flower section, and later became a super-big family (Gucci Dionysus Gucci Dionysus) , There are suede models, as well as double-G models, there are the most gorgeous pattern of the paragraph. As the new Gucci first fire replica bag tote section, the wine of God’s fashion replica bag tote life should be very long. Many of the new Gucci styles are in fact joined the Dionysus replica bag tote design, including a good look at some of the chain with a wallet design.

The new Replica Gucci handbags super love with tiger head design to tiger head design-based replica bag tote with a lot of money, but one of the most popular is the Animalier tiger head replica bag tote. Staggered on both sides of the belt design is really flash in the pan, completely break the traditional design of the previous bag frame. Later, the super hot Gucci Sylvie ribbon bag was born, this replica bag tote has a very unique ribbon strap design, all of a sudden all short, especially the white Sylvie. White blue and red three color also has a higher popularity than the red and green. Now the red section is GG Marmont, the classic double G into a very retro flavor side by side design. GG Marmont has a special many different styles, one of the most fire is the design with a red heart. In fact, even if there is no red version, the back also has a hidden heart.

There is no red heart of the bag pattern, but hung a small red heart ornaments! Emma Stone this front is very retro embossed, in fact, there is a hidden back of the heart! The next will be the fire is Peony pearl bag, pearl design inspiration from the fairy tale love god Venus was born when the body drops of water are to pearls. Peony is indeed a special replica bag tote full of love, the edge of the wave-shaped, pearl detail there is a gold ribbon, very able to evoke girls girls heart. And then asked to think that will be popular is a Gucci Bamboo Dionysus Bamboo Dionysus replica bag tote, this is finally a trumpet, before the size of many girls feel too much. Bamboo + Dionysian, Gucci’s two successful new and old designs perfectly combined to create this replica bag tote is very retro feel. Of course, this replica bag tote is now the most popular thick shoulder strap.

These new Replica Gucci Bags have been popular replica bag tote models have a lot of different color choices and changing the pattern design, including immediately to be limited to the sale of this orange-red series, this series has Gucci’s most representative Dionysus Dionysus, GG Marmont series of shoulder bags and shoulder bag, there are many influx of people love the Princetown fur Carrefour shoes. Each replica bag tote is limited edition. Speaking of this limited series is also a great background, is dedicated to Paris, Galeries Lafayette custom. I believe that we must ask why these super limited edition models only three weeks sale it? That is because Gucci announced that from August 1, with the Galeries Lafayette Paris for a period of three weeks of special cooperation projects, the introduction of 14 custom designed Gucci showcase windows and open up a new concept store.

The showcase showcase the current Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele unique aesthetic elements: on behalf of the wisdom of the snake, a symbol of love and joy of the bees and the Greek mythology, the god of wine Dionysus, he has been the most Love to use some of the design elements. In fact, the value of big bags is not just exquisite workmanship and advanced materials so simple, it is a replica bag tote behind the inspiration and story, as well as luxury, intentions of the shop decoration and services. So if you just that time in Paris, it really do not miss this exhibition, you can fully understand the creative inspiration of the new Gucci. This series has the most representative of Gucci Dionysus Dionysus bag, GG Marmont series of shoulder bag and shoulder bag, there are many influx of people love the Princetown are very charming.